What’s on

We are all about bringing people closer here AT feast, and what better way than breaking bread (or even baking bread) together. Take a look through our upcoming diary and join us for our regular cooking classes, supper clubs and much more!

COOK School Timetable (Coming back soon)

Day of the weekAge rangeTimePrice
Wednesday18-2.5yrs09:30am to 10:20am£30 per session
2.5-4yrs10:30am to 11:20am£30 per session
18-2.5yrs14:30pm to 15:20pm£30 per session
4-7 yrs 3:40pm to 4:30pm£30 per session
Thursday2.5-4yrs09:30am to 10:20am £30 per session
18-2.5yrs10:30am to 11:20am £30 per session
2.5-4yrs 14:30pm to 15:20pm £30 per session
4-7 yrs 3:40pm to 4:30pm £30 per session
8-11 yrs4:45pm to 5:35pm£30 per session

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