Our story

AT feast founder, Maggie Bolger, has been cooking for families across London (including her own 4 children) for over 20 years. Maggie's dishes are home-cooked, responsibly-sourced, family-friendly favourites that are good for the body and soul. No dandelion gazpacho here!

Fun-filled family feasting

Name a better combo than your favourite food and your favourite people. Maggie's dining room has always been filled with people from all walks of life, AT feast just has room for more guests. A space where families get together, laugh, catch up and, well, feast - fine, you could probably call it a restaurant too! Our delicious menus are packed full of dishes for sharing, with a fresh juice or glass of organic wine in hand.

Healthy for you, and our planet

Maggie's culinary journey has been infused with learning how the food on our plate impacts our bodies, and our planet. So AT feast works closely with local suppliers to sustainably source natural ingredients that are organic and nutritious. She's even working towards a zero-waste kitchen - watch this space, it's even harder than it sounds!.

From dawn til dusk...

Coffees by day, cocktails by night! Yes we're a family friendly dining spot, but our cocktail bar is also the perfect spot to impress on a romantic date, or catch up with mates for drinks. Even better, check out our evening event series, from supper clubs to live music and so much more, Maggie & her team are bringing a vibey, jam-packed night life to the high street to match the stunning interiors - yes that means Tequilla Tuesdays!

Our heart is our community

Our community is super important to us. That's our SJW locals, our friendly front of house team, and our talented kitchen ninjas. Maggie believes the better the atmosphere in the restaurant, the better the food on your table. If you come eat AT feast, she wants you and your little ones to feel like you're stepping into your own kitchen, except you don't have to cook in this one. Unless it’s one of Maggie’s kids reading this, in which case – it’s time to cook your own meals now please.

Partner with us!

We're always looking for partners and suppliers who share our values and focus on sustainability to team up with for exciting events, menu collaborations, or to feature in our shop. If you think we'd be the perfect fit, get in touch for a chit chat!

Let's collaborate