Our COOK classes are all about tasting, learning and getting inspired in the kitchen. That's why we encourage you and your little ones to join us, roll up your sleeves, and get cooking!

Getting prepped

We start every class familiarising our budding chefs with our hero ingredients and the exciting tools we will be using. We make sure our chefs understand how to take care of their work area, while encouraging them to work together and help their fellow chefs during the class. After all, teamwork makes the dream work.

Cooking up a storm

We focus on sensory learning-tasting, touching, smelling and being as hands-on as possible. We hold classes for all ages and make sure all of the activities are bespoke for each age group. However old you are though, all classes end with a tasting session (aka the best bit!) where you can enjoy your creation. Yum!

Take home

Repetition is the key to learning; that's why every chef will leave with a ‘take-home’ recipe from the class, so they can make their favourites again and again. That's not all they'll bring back, either – what they make in the class always comes home with them. We encourage our chefs to share their creations with their friends and families so they can feel proud of what they have made and achieved!

Meet Alfie

Meet Alfie

Alfie, our COOK chef-in-chief, has always loved food. As a child he baked with his grandma and can fondly remember being in his family kitchen surrounded by wonderful smells and flavours. He started as a chef at the age of 17 working in modern, classical and Michelin- starred restaurants all over Britain and the Channel Islands. After 10 years, he realised teaching and sharing his love of food was his passion. He went on to join the Waitrose Cookery School in 2017, teaching a range of world cuisines and skills-based courses before moving on to b_together in 2021 to deliver and develop our COOK curriculum.

Coming soon!

Our COOK classes run every Wednesday and Thursday at 4:40 pm for 4-7 yrs old and at 5:30 om for 8+ yrs old (and their grown-ups.) Check back soon.

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We're prepping,
check back soon!